3-4 November 2017


SMX Convention Center

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Davao City


Davao's topography dazzles with a variety of picturesque landscapes. Fruit plantations and orchid farms, mantle volcano-fed hills and valleys. Virgin forests nurture rare wildlife. Coral islands lie on mirror flat water. And the country's highest peak, Mt. Apo, magnificently lords over the hinterland.

Just as enchanting is its brilliant tapestry of harmony, woven from the diverse cultural threads of its people. In Davao, the contemporary fuses with the traditional as migrant settlers from all over the country peacefully co-exist with a sizeable expatriate community and numerous ethnic tribes who continue to live as they did centuries ago.

Davao is home to the majestic Philippine Eagle, the country's national bird and considered the largest eagle in the world. It also boasts of the most priced Philippine orchid species like the Vandasanderiana and some of the most exotic fruits like Durian and Mangosteen.

Davao is an anchor tourist destination, a natural haven for both sedate and daring pursuits. It is the jump-off point to satellite destinations on the island of Mindanao.

(Source: It's More Fun in the Philippines - Department of Tourism)


For more information check out the Davao City's website or consult the TripAdvisor.

Philippine Eagle Center
Davao Crocodile Park
Eden Nature Park
Samal Island


Pnilippine Eagle Center

Davao Crocodile Park